Fullstack Developer & Whitewater Kayaker & Scout


Hello! I get lots of email, so please scan this page before firing one off. Don't be afraid to email me, it just might take a few days (or weeks) for me to get back to you πŸ˜ƒ.

If you want me to work for you, I am open to new opportunities and your offer. But, please, check out my LinkedIn profile first. If I am right guy for your job.

If you want to know what font, theme, computer or toilet paper I use, all that info is available on my /uses page.

If you are a recruiter, I love you, but please don’t call me πŸ™‚. Rather check out my LinkedIn profile first and then email me particular offer. I'm also not able to help you find someone for your position.

Yeah, you did it! For everything else including course suggestions, conference invites, private training and whitewater tips, please email

Here are a few tips on writing me:

  • Use paragraphs, avoid large walls of text.
  • Number your asks if there are multiple
  • Keep it as short as you can
  • Post code on a git repo, Codepen or smaller stuff or errors in a Gist. Screenshots are helpful too!

Thanks and have a great day!

I code on

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