Fullstack Developer & Whitewater Kayaker & Scout

About me

Hello, I'm Tomas Litera, shortly Literat.

In a nutshell...

I am a web developer, whitewater kayaker and scout from Kolin in the Czech republic 🇨🇿. I am 34 years old and I have been making websites from primary school.

I use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Though constantly changing, my focus right now is React.js, Node, Express, Serverless, Gatsby and Next.js. And not a long time ago it was PHP and Laravel.

A few more things...

I've been in love with web development for over half my life. Seems weird, right? It's a space of constant improvement and new & exciting technology. I consider myself a hacker in that I'm always using technology to solve my life's problems and ambitions.

I live in a small city not far away from Prague. It is called Kolin. I live here in a first republic house with my wife Dita, one boy, two girls and a dog named Charlie. We spend our summers mainly traveling with our van or with canoes on different rivers.

My Family

I have a few hobbies. Most of my free time I spend on a river in my kayak. I really love whitewater kayaking. Every year I am going to a different country in a search of new rivers and whitewater sections. The best places are in Austria 🇦🇹, south France 🇫🇷 the Italian province of Piedmont 🇮🇹. The Czech republic has also its whitewater jewels like Devil's streams and gorges on Elbe or Jizera rivers.

Trnava Xtreme Race

I also love to teach and work with young people. Since 2004 I am member of czech scout assosiation, Junák - český skaut. In my unit Poutníci Kolín we teach young people to survive in a wild, to live in harmony with nature and to find their own place in today's world. Simply we are trying to create a better world.

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