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Library running multiple npm scripts is maintained again

A handy CLI tool to run multiple npm scripts in parallel or sequential is maintained again. Please welcome npm-run-all2.

Library running multiple npm scripts is maintained again

If you are using a handy CLI utility for running multiple npm scripts like me, you are probably using npm-run-all. This library is highly popular with almost 3 million weekly downloads. But there is a little problem with this library. It has not been maintained for almost 5 years. And this should be a problem for this kind of heavily popular library...

However, this chapter has a happy ending. For now. There is a fork of the original library called npm-run-all2. Beware, this is the maintenance fork with some automated updates enabled. Some other burden is being removed and maybe the new maintainers will push the library much further.

Wish luck and switch your dependency to the maintained one.


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