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WebExpo 2022: My preferred program

Another year and another WebExpo conference in Prague. Now optimized for frontend developers. Here are the talks I want to attend.

WebExpo 2022: My preferred program

WebExpo 2022 conference in Prague is just around the corner. 10. - 12. June 2022 is approaching and I am looking forward to it.

This year will be a little bit different because of cooperation with the Frontendisti group. On Saturday the entire stage will be only for frontend topics. You can read more about it from Martin Michálek on and his selection of talks.

After success with the First Czech Frontend conference in 2021, this is the second time the Frontendisti introduces itself on this scale.

I hope that I will enjoy this year as much as I do the last one. Let's continue with my program selections…

WebExpo stage

Friday schedule

  • Runa Sandvik will talk about technologies supporting free speech. This is so actual nowadays. I think I want to hear that, especially after the shutdown of disinformation websites in the Czech republic.
  • Prabashwara Seneviratne has talk about using HTML and other web technologies to build games. Maybe you know World of Tanks.
  • Jan Toman is our consultant at LMC for the design systems. This is a must-have since we are also building one.
  • Michal Sänger and Graphql at Scale sound very interesting to me. I love this technology.
  • Alexey Sharov and his Simple Machine Learning for Web Developers sounds also very interesting. Because I am hearing about machine learning from all around. But everybody is talking about AI. So I need to hear more.
  • Honza Mayer and #CultureClash in his company. This should be fun. Because he hired a global developer star and was very surprised by what happened.

Roundtable discussions are better than ever

I was pleasantly surprised by the topics of the roundtable discussions.

  • Robert Jiřík: In the times of Agile, is project management dead? This should be an interesting discussion about project management in an agile team. Is it project manager still needed if the team is well-organized and self-driven?
  • Pavel Kalandra: How to find time for technical improvements Adding more new features to the product. Technical debt is growing. How to keep up with technical upgrades and improvements? This is a topic with which we are also struggling and do not know how to face.

Saturday In Cooperation with Frontendisti

The second conference day is full of frontend topics and talks. Check out the #Frontendisti hashtag by the talks.

Non-frontend talks and discussions


  • Daniel Cuthbert: Git Push & Git Impact Something about security around git commits.
  • Veronika Mourková: Have big and Exciting Projects but Lack Team Motivation And Capacity? Here are the Pitfalls to Avoid Veronika is a colleague of mine and this is about day-to-day problems.
  • Robert Fujdiar: Growing Up: How a Small Team Scales Agility This is about how to grow up in a small team.
  • Jakub Kadlubiec: Building Self-Organized Software Development Teams Roundtable Discussion
  • Design Systems: Experiences From the Trenches Roundtable Discussion
  • Adam Amran: Effective Collaboration between Desing, Product, and Engineering Roundtable Discussion
  • Eva Pavlíková: Expert Volunteering is not a Charity About volunteering in Cesko.Digital
  • Philip Bonhard: Alice, Who The F*ck is Alice? The Challenges of Digital identity in a Post-Covid, Tinder Swindler World Crazy title that cought my eye. Something about digital identity and security.
  • Marek Trunkát: How I Learned to Love Incidents the Hard Way
  • David Müller: Roundtable Discussion: From Developer to Manager How to become manager from a developer.

What to do on WebExpo next

Play with Ozobots

Kids are welcome at this venue. Last year I and my son enjoyed building and playing with lego robots and ozobots. This time I will be babysitting all of my three children. So it will be much more fun. Check out the workshops for kids.

Also do not miss Friday and Saturday parties ;-)

See ya on WebExpo!

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