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Spring Mumlava and Jizera

Notes from first paddling on whitewater after a year break

Spring Mumlava and Jizera

After a long break my first paddling on whitewater was quite a success. Two times a week we catch spring thaw and have our ® on Mumlava, Jizera and Labe.

Here are some details from each river.

#1 run: Mumlava

  • 10 m3/s is optimal for me but could be more, some rocks are still visible
  • Still a little bit afraid, lack morale, need to paddle more often on nature water
  • Afraid of the weir, but I think I can boof it
  • Horseshoe rapid taken with the left side
  • Otherwise much fun, this section can man run all the time

#2 run: Jizera and the Island of horrors

  • 25 m3/s, good for starting after a long break
  • The last time I run upper Jizera, it was above 40 m3/s and there were no rocks visible
  • Very good for a start, not afraid
  • First time to run the Island of Horrors rapids
  • The left shoulder is clear and good to go on sight, even by this water level (hydraulic is at the and of rapid and it needs to push your boat to the right)
  • The right shoulder was runnable for me, but for the first time there was a lack of morale and for the second time every one was going to left 🤷‍♂️ (but I think I just boof it)
  • Hydraulic is deep in a right shoulder

#3 run: Jizera and Cutisin Section

  • Jizera by this water level is quite rocky from the hunting lodge
  • The last time I run this section, all rocks were not visible and I was very glad that I can stop above Cutisin at right time
  • By this water level it si much more like rivers in Piemont (maze between the rocks)
  • The Cutisin rapid runnable on sight behind Jan Motyl
  • It needs to aim to the wall and from there straight down and boof over a hydraulic

#4 run: Labe - from the dam to Vrchlabi

  • 21,5 m3/s, a little bit higher water level than when there is a racing week (19 - 20 m3/s)
  • Not so afraid, I know this section very well
  • Labska gorge, although looking terrible, is just one big water slide with aquapark down (I was going through like a lubricated rocket)
  • Vrchlabska gorge is a little bit more difficult, but I was afraid and lack of moral
  • And also weir at the beginning of Vrchlabí, in which I was drowning (I am afraid there every time)


  • My drowning on weir before Vrchlabí on Labe river: Honza Motýl - Everybody loves carnage
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